About Us

Esther’s Home LLC is a faith-based organization committed to providing exceptional care and support to individuals with primary intellectual disabilities. Our team of experienced professionals strives to create a safe and nurturing environment where our residents can thrive and achieve their goals.

Every person has unique abilities and talents, and our mission is to help our residents develop their potential and become active community members. Our congregate residential waiver services and in-home support staff services are designed to meet the individual needs of each resident while also providing opportunities for socialization and community engagement.

As a faith-based company, we are inspired by biblical principles of love, compassion, and respect, which guide our work and enhance the abilities of our special needs population. Our commitment to our residents goes beyond providing care; we strive to create a home-like atmosphere where everyone feels valued and supported.

If you are looking for a safe and nurturing home environment for your loved one with intellectual disabilities, please consider Esther’s Home LLC. We are passionate about improving the lives of individuals with special needs and are dedicated to providing the highest care and support possible.

Esther’s Home was based on a dream of helping the special needs population. Just like in the book of Esther in the bible, the premise is being placed in the right place at the right time to help our underrepresented population to become an intricate part of our society. We believe as a faith-based company that a diagnosis does not define the person and their capabilities when it comes to human interaction, or how fast or how slow they reach a goal.